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Lakeside & Alluserv help foodservice directors excel in a more complex world. Tomorrow's foodservice director must be an expert in all aspects of the growing demand for innovative equipment to support well-managed meal prep, delivery, retail and catering operations. Lakeside & Alluserv's sole mission is to help you tackle tomorrow's challenges and elevate the strategic value of foodservice in your community. *Did you know? Lakeside is a member of Real Rewards Cafe and your equipment purchases can earn you points! Use your points to get premiums like membership renewal and even registration for national shows! Ask your Lakeside rep today for more details!
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Lakeside and Alluserv are manufacturers of mobile meal delivery and back-of-house support equipment. Lakeside is proud to manufacture the SuzyQ Meal Cart for sales in the United States. The brands also offer educational resources through blogs, webinars, and consultations.

10 Easy Ways To Improve the Dining Experience

Here are 10 easy and proven ways to improve the dining experience in your community!

SuzyQ Cart System - The Story

The SuzyQ System is not just a cart. It is a new way to provide choice, dignity, and respect in the dining room. Suzanne Quiring, RD, CDM talks here about how the idea came about and how it has already helped hundreds of communities in the US and Canada provide hotter meals and save money by wasting less food.

Mini SuzyQ Cart System

The mini SuzyQ cart is perfect for smaller neighborhoods or memory care sections of a community. It's compact size ensures maneuverability while keeping food hot and empowering choice and dignity at meal time.

Lakeside Portable Handwashing Stations

Lakeside's portable hand washing stations come with everything you need on board for hand sanitation on the go. The 9620 (shown here) holds 5 gallons fresh water and the 9610 holds 10 gallons fresh water for hand washing in remote areas. Contact us to learn more at 800-558-8565.

Stealth Carts

Alluserv stealth carts are the quietest in the industry! See how we do it here.

Portable Handwashing Stations & Support