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Health Technologies staff of Registered Dietitians provide comprehensive nutrition support services for resident care and dining in health care facilities. Enhancing the resident dining experience through customizable menu programs, manuals, consulting dietitians, and education opportunities.


Dining Success Toolkit

Simplified step-by-step restaurant-style dining for long term care. This toolkit is intended for communities interested in implementing restaurant-style dining or looking for ideas to improve existing dining services. Over 100 pages of resources including checklists, policies, menus, in-services, budget tools, and much more to help you find success in your dining operations! Knowing where to be...[more]


Guideline and Procedure Manual for Dining Services

An excellent resource to guide the Dining Service staff in a long term care community. The Guideline and Procedure Manual provides resources to create an exceptional dining experience for residents. Information from procurement to preparation and service of food in a safe and sanitary environment. This resource meets state and federal regulations for Dining Services.[more]


In-Service Toolkit

Training and education for team members is central to good food service operations. The In-Service Toolkit is designed for Food Service managers to administer ongoing training and education for their team. The digital download In-Service Toolkit (Vol. 1) from Health Technologies includes 12 units for food safety education.


TableSide for Dining Manager

The TableSide program utilizes existing web-based Dining Manager menu management program with hand-held tablet technology for seamless order entry from service to delivery. Health Technologies TableSide ProgramThe growth of “Restaurant Style” menus has helped to change the face of food service in long term care. Residents are offered choice in all things from dining location, time, and food...[more]


Dietitian Consulting

Health Technologies employs qualified Registered Dietitians across the country to serve in healthcare communities. Consulting Dietitians assess and monitor the nutritional needs of residents assuring the highest nutritional standards. Health Technologies consulting dietitians are supported by extensive training and resources in order to provide superior service to both the resident as well as the ...[more]


Dining Manager Menu Program

At Health Technologies, we believe the menu is the heart of the community. Health Technologies offers a variety of customized menu solutions to meet the unique needs of your community. Dining Manager, the Health Technologies menu program, is a web-based menu software program with integrated printed MealCard and digital TableSide systems for resident identification and meal service. Dining Manager ...[more]

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At DiningRD, we are dedicated to nurturing joy through food with Long Term Care dining programs.

  • Dining Manager menu programs include Menu Planner, MealCard, and TableSide.
  • Easy-to-use menu planner can help you to customize your menus and recipes.
  • Easy-to-use menu planner can help you to customize your menus and recipes.

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