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The Power of a Team in ONE Dietitian!
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When you hire Crandall Corporate Dietitians, you not only benefit from the expert services of a highly trained local Dietitian, you also get the support of our entire corporate team, with specialists in regulatory compliance, finance, budgeting, resident care, and industry trends.


ala Carte Menus™

Crandall Corporate Dietitians’ ala Carte Menus™ is the only web-based menu program that is designed specifically for senior dining with built-in flexibility and real-time RD approval.



Crandall dietitians provide hands on, customized service, but with a national perspective on resident satisfaction and emerging trends.


Multi-Community Solutions

As your company grows, whether through acquisition, merger or new construction, Crandall has the scale and structure to mobilize quickly and act as your complete corporate dietary department.

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